What is veto power?, Why China used the veto against India

Ninety percent of India’s entire foreign policy energy moves to Kashmir dispute and to Pakistan. India did not have anything to save, with the help of its excellence and ability, the emerging income among the big and developed countries of the rest of the world. There is no such problem with China and therefore China does not want India to come out of this problem and display its power in front of the world. Therefore, China constantly tries to keep India engaged in this problem and be stuck in this. This is what China has received when China “veto power” voted for the third time veto on the proposal against India’s Masood Azhar in “United Nations Security Council”. Earlier, China had stopped vetoing this proposal of India in 2010. And to bring this proposal back to India; It took years, and again China has vetoed it, and after the ‘veto’ three times on any proposal in the United Nations, that proposal is finally dismissed.

What is veto power

‘Veto’ is a Latin word, and this means to register your ‘disagreement’ on any issue. These days we mean the power of veto power, usually with the special powers obtained to five permanent members of ‘United Nations Security Council’. These countries are America, Russia, Britain, China, and France. Any member of this can stop vetting any proposal in the United Nations. This means that “for the resolution of any proposal in the United Nations, these five countries should be cleared. None of them vetted the proposal, then the resolution will not be passed. The result is that these five countries seem to resort to their own political interests in the United Nations, resulting in the United Nations becoming an arena of global politics.

When the ‘United Nations’ was established, and why –

In order to know about the ‘United Nations’, we have to know about the League of Nations, which was the same organization as the United Nations that was operating before the United Nations was established. After the break of ‘League of Nations’, the United Nations was established. The United Nations is an altered form of the ‘League of Nations’.

‘League of Nations’ –

It was an intergovernmental organization which was born on January 10, 1920, and came out as a result after the Paris Peace Conference ended. The ‘League of Nations’ was established after World War I and it meant that there was peace in the world and there would never be such a world war. But this organization failed to do so and the world also suffered from World War II. The members of the League Council from 1920 to 1946 had the power of ‘veto’ power even if it had only four of their four permanent and four temporary members. In 1936, the number of temporary members of the ‘League Council’ increased to 11 and with this 15 countries had ‘veto’ power. The main reason for the failure of the ‘League of Nations’ was ‘Veto’ power.

“United Nations Security Council” –

Despite this, on 24 October 1945, after the Second World War, a new international organization was established which was the replacement of the ‘League of Nations’, which we know today by the name of the United Nations. In this, it was decided to give power to ‘Veto’ power to the United States, Russia, China, Britain as well as France. The basic purpose of the United Nations is the same, to keep the peace system in the world and not to create the possibility of world war.

But if countries such as ‘China’ continue to misuse their rights to protect terrorism and terrorist organizations, then the origin of the United Nations.

Getting the motive difficult will be difficult. And in such a situation, questioning the functioning and reliability of the ‘United Nations’ is inevitable.

Some Important:-

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