Panama papers scandal, leaked

Panama papers scandal, leaked

It is a repository of 1 crore 15 million secret files, which was collected by a company based in Panama papers scandal, leaked, Mosek Fonseca. There is more than 2,14,000 secret information related to International Business Companies. There is also information about those companies who have shareholders and other people related to companies. It has so far told about the leaders of many countries, including Argentina, Iceland, Saudi Arabia, Ukraine, United Arab Emirates, and Pakistan. Apart from this, it has also been told about the government and celebrities of 39 countries, including countries like India, China, France, Brazil, Britain, Malaysia, Russia, South Africa, Mexico, Syria, and Spain.

In the documents leaked from the law firm of Panama in the UK last year, it was told that Vladimir Putin, Nawaz Sharif, Xi Jinping, and football player Massey deposited their wealth in tax havens. In leaked tax documents it was discovered that 140 leaders and hundreds of celebrities from around the world had invested money in tax havens countries. These people created fake companies, trusts and corporations, and saved taxes through them. The leaked list specifically explains the investments in Panama, the British Virgin Islands, and the Bahamas. The people who came under the question invested in these countries because the tax rules here are quite simple and the identity of the customer is not disclosed.

Mossack Fonseca –

The papers which were leaked were from Panama’s legal company Mosek Fonseca. This company was founded in 1977 by Jürgen Mosaic and Roman Fonseka. Its more than 500 employees have spread over 40 offices worldwide. It works for approximately 3.5 million companies and most of these companies are in the UK or are covered under its income tax.

Mosek Fonseca Company Advice on Financial Matters by taking heavy fees from companies or people from around the world. Under the cover of adware, this company makes offshore companies. That is, you pay fees and make companies in countries with an easy tax system. These legal companies make offshore companies of people who run the tax laws of the respective countries but hide real ownership.

How did papers leak and all the disclosures – German newspaper Sueddeutsche Zeitung acquired these papers through one of his sources? This data in size is 2.6 Terabytes. On these documents received by the German daily, the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ), the organization of journalists of more than 100 countries, highlighted the world’s biggest celebrities in the name of research and Panama Papers. These papers were from 1975 to 2015.

What is said ‘Mosek Fonseca’ – After the papers leaked, Mosek Fonseka said that this is a crime and we consider it an attack on our country of Panama. According to the company, some countries do not like our success. At the same time, the Panama government said that he runs a zero tolerance policy on Zero Tolerance policy and if a country is to be legally investigated it will help him.

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