Fundamental Human Rights, Right to Equality, Freedom

Charter of entitlements

It is important to have rights and enforce them. Therefore, most of the democratic countries are listed in the context of citizens’ Fundamental Human Rights, Right to Equality, Freedom. In a democracy, it should be ensured that what rights are received by the people, which the government will always recognize. Such a list of protected and protected rights provided by the Constitution is called ‘a declaration of rights or fundamental rights’.

Part – 3

Fundamental Human Rights, Right to Equality, Freedom

Right to Power: –

  • equality before the law
  • Law conservation
  • Discrimination on the basis of religion, race, sex, or place of birth
  • Equality in employment opportunities
  • End of titles
  • End of touch

Right to Religious Freedom: –

  • Freedom of Prayer and Prayer
  • Freedom of giving religious instructions in the management of religious matters and in particular the trusts
  • Taxation for the assertion of a particular religion that freedom
  • Freedom of religious education or attendance in some educational institutions

right against exploitation:-

  • Stop bonded labor
  • Preventing Wages From Child Risks

Right to freedom: –

  • Right to Personal Freedom
  • Freedom of speech and language
  • Freedom of gathering and meeting peacefully
  • Freedom to be organized
  • Freedom to come anywhere in India
  • Freedom of living and living in any part of India
  • Freedom to choose any profession and trade
  • Right to Life and Right to Somatic Freedom
  • Rights of the People and the Rights of People
  • Protection in relation to crime conviction
  • Right to Education

Cultural and Educational Rights: –

  • Right to Protection of Minorities Language and Culture
  • Right to establish minority educational institutions
  • Right to Constitutional Remedies:- The right to go to court for the implementation of a fundamental right

Organization of reservation:-

Article 16 (4) 

“No matter of this article, in favor of a section of the citizens, which is in the opinion of the State, in the opinion of the State, is not sufficient in the services under the state, the provision of reservation of appointments or posts Will not stop ”

Article 21

Protection of Life and Physical Freedom “No person shall be deprived of his life or physical freedom as per procedure established by law, otherwise

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