Arya civilization (Vedic period) part-1/ UPSE

Arya civilization (Vedic period) part-1/ UPSE:- There are many differences among scholars on the question of the origin of the Aryans – the place of Aryans’ origin. To date, it has not been decided whether Arya was there and where he came from India or India was his original residence. In this regard, various scholars have rendered four principles on the basis of linguistics, anatomy, archeology and semantic evolution; – Arya-sabhyata.

(1) Indian theory – Pandit Ganganath Jha has described the original place of Aryans as Brahmarshi country. Mr. Avinash Das and Babu Sampurnanand have given ‘Satsangindhu’ the original place of Aryans. According to Dr. Rajbali Pandey, his residence was a central country. Proponents of Indian theory say that there is no mention of the coming of Aryans from outside the Aryan texts, but in contrast, Saptasindhu has been praised in the Aryan texts. There is also the statement of these scholars that Vedic literature is the compositions of Aryans. According to the geographical position mentioned in the Rig Veda, the residence of the people who created the Rig Veda would have been inhabited in and around Punjab.

(2) Pole region or Arctic state theory – Origin of the Aryans, Lokmanya Bal Gangadhar Tilak has described the Dhruv region. In support of their opinion, they took the long and six-month day-night outline mentioned in Rigveda. Extreme snow is mentioned in that region. Tilak Ji says that at the time the Aryans lived in the North Pole region, there was no snowfall but in the long run, due to snowfall, they had to leave. But the supporters of this principle are very few.

(3) Principle of Central Asia – The famous German scholar Maxmüller has tried to prove that the original place for the Aryans was Central Asia. To support this, he has taken the basis of the geographical conditions described in the religious texts of the ancient Vedas and Parsis of Aryans. According to them, the main enterprise of Aryans was farming and animal husbandry. For this, there is a middle ground where Ara could complete the work of agriculture and animal husbandry very conveniently. Gradually Arya was moving towards Greece, Iran, and India. The reason for this may be that due to the lack of fulfillment of their daily needs or reasons for natural change, they have forced them to move forward. The records which have been received at Baugajkoi salt spot in Asia Minor mention the names of Vedic deities like Mitra, Varun, Indra, etc.. This record was written in 1400 B.C. Is of Based on this, some scholars have estimated that Asia Minor 1400, etc. Poo Must have been the original place of Aryans. In opposition to this principle, it can be said that the geographical conditions mentioned in Rig Veda and Avesta are not valid in Central Asia.

(4) European theory- On the basis of language science, some scholars have tried to prove that the original residence of the Aryans was Europe because a considerable number of Aryans are found in different countries of Europe. Sir William Jones has taken the basis of language similarity. Some words of the language of Aryans resemble some words in other languages. ‘Patter, Gothic’s’ Fader’ equates to Torvarian’s’ Potter ‘and’ Fother ‘of English, etc. Similarly, the Sanskrit word ‘dawa’ is similar to the word ‘duo’ of Latin, ‘two’ of Irish, ‘kotai’ of Gothic, ‘Lithuanian ke’ and ‘two’ in English. This makes it known that the speakers who live in these places have ever lived in one place.

Arya civilization (Vedic period) part-1/ UPSE

(A) Hungary’s ground in Austria – Dr. P. Giles has described the Aryans’ native country as a Hungarian ground in Austria. Arya Bhalibhanti was familiar with the animals and flora, such as cow, bull, dog, wheat, and barley, etc. in this field. Therefore, the Hungarian ground in Austria must have been a country of Aryans. But all these things are not based on any concrete fact, as has been written by Kalam Sir, “We do not know any animal, tree, which is completely and basically European, which has the same name in the East and West Aryan languages… ”

(B) German territory – Penka has defined the countries of Aryans as German. They have resorted to ethnic virtues and archeology in place of language. For example, the Aryan’s hair was brown, and the hair of those living in Germany is still grayish. Similarly, there are considerable similarities in physical characteristics.

(C) South Russia – Nehring has reported the origins of Aryans on the South Russian field. Their reasoning is that the ground is located in the temperate zone. Agriculture, animal husbandry and vegetation, etc. are more here These major things are related to the life of the Aryans. So this will be the original place of Aryans.


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